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Our Roots

The Tree Trunk is about family. It was inspired by many things and many parts of who I am. It is a childhood dream come to life.  The Tree Trunk is representative of everything I love and everything I am. I have a deep love of finding treasures, exploring, collecting, designing, organizing, reading, connecting with people, small towns, new life, personal growth, nature and its magic. I believe in doing things in life that truly make you happy, following your heart, and leading with your emotions.

So what brought me here? My background is a mix of Psychology, Sociology, Social Services, and Retail. After years of self discovery, I have learned that product selection, creative planning, customer relations and forward thinking is where my heart truly lies. My love of boutique shopping; the unique, the personal experience, the creativity, and the desire to share that with others, brought The Tree Trunk to life. I have a passion for child welfare and safety, health and wellbeing, working with families, mental health, and creating a sense of community, but in the end my love of the magic that is pregnancy and childbirth, new life and growth, inspired me to create The Tree Trunk.

It has always been my dream to own and operate my own shop, providing local families with a relaxed and friendly boutique style shopping experience. After the birth of my first daughter and the lack of quality baby products in the region I was inspired to create something special.

I chose our location in the Reid's Dairy Plaza, Belleville because our storefront is surrounded by other amazing local businesses, we have convenient free parking for young families, and are easily accessible to the surrounding region. We moved into our space in July 2016, had our soft opening the middle of August 2016, and Grand Opening October 15, 2016. Our space is perfect because it allows for growth and expansion, and is like a blank canvas for all of the creative endeavors I hope to one day fulfill.


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